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Affordable Learning Solutions

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Textbook costs are still on the rise. According to the Financial aid and Scholarship Office of San José State, students will spend an average of $2,002 on textbooks and supplies for academic year 2018–'19. Last year, it was an average of $1,948. The rising cost of textbooks concerns students and faculty as it proves to be a barrier to student success. Initiated by the CSU Chancellor’s Office, the Affordable Learning Solutions campaign was created to provide easy, direct access to inexpensive, accessible, and high-quality alternatives.

Affordable Learning Solutions Principles:

Choice: Enables the discovery of course content, including commercial publisher content, library resources, and a wide array of open educational resources (OER).

Affordability: Technology and partnerships that reduce the cost of learning for students and the CSU.

Accessibility: Every student is entitled to a high quality education with access to all learning materials.

At SJSU, the Affordable Learning Solutions is coordinated by the University Library and provides information on how to lower the cost of classroom materials for students by offering faculty a variety of low-cost and no-cost educational resources known as Open Educational Resources (OER). Other resources include ebooks owned by the library, digital textbooks, open courseware, publishers’ repositories, the book rental program and textbooks on reserve in the library.

SJSU AL$ is made possible in collaboration with our campus partners: