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Artistic Freedom Exhibit

Artistic Freedom: The Liberating Art of the Formerly Incarcerated

January 31 - February 29, 2024
2nd Floor, DiNapoli Gallery, 
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

The SJSU Record Clearance Project helps people move forward with their lives, opening doors to new futures. For those who have been in custody, incarceration commonly is a time of darkness and despair. For some, the experience of confinement leads to creative release through art.

This exhibit features the art of several individuals who find freedom in art. They create as a means of self-expression and connection with others, to share their vision with those who would see the world through their eyes. The artwork featured is from clients of the Record Clearance Project (RCP).

RCP has two programs: Service Navigation Mentoring Program and Legal Services. The Mentoring Program assists people as they leave custody to move forward in their lives. With the guidance of experienced mentors who have had their own criminal records expunged, justice-involved individuals gain structure and life skills to open doors to new futures. Creating art helps with healing. The Legal Services program informs people regarding their rights to a clear record, advises them about steps in clearing their record, and represents them in court.

Their art and creation enrich us all.

An African American Book Festival

An African American Book Festival: Celebrating Black San Jose Bay Area Authors

Hosted by SJSU King Library's AAACNA Studies Center
February 1 - March 16, 2024
5th Floor, AAACNA Studies Center, 
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library 

In celebration of Black History Month, a collection of Bay Area Black Authors’ books will be on display encompassing various genres, History, Biography/Memoir, Self-Help/Self-Awareness, Novels, Children's books, Christianity, Art, and Photo books. This exhibit will highlight the importance of Black Studies, Black voices, and Black Authors who use the artform of the written word to preserve history for the empowerment of the Black community.

For a list of programs celebrating Black History Month, please visit:

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For All the People: A Century of Citizen Action in Health Care Reform

For All the People: A Century of Citizen Action in Health Care Reform

March - April 2024
2nd Floor, DiNapoli Gallery, 
Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. Library

The National Library of Medicine produced For All the People: A Century of Citizen Action in Health Care Reform/Para todo el pueblo: Un siglo de acción ciudadana en la reforma de la atención de la salud, guest curated by historian and educator Beatrix Hoffman, PhD (Northern Illinois University). This bilingual, 12-banner exhibition is the counterpart to the English-only For All the People exhibition.

The traveling exhibition explores a history of health care reform, which has been a contentious political issue in the United States for more than a hundred years. Often, the public associates health care reform with presidents and national leaders, but communities, workers, activists, and health care professionals have made their voices heard in the debate about whether and how to make quality health care available to all. For All the People/Para todo el pueblo tells the lesser-known story of how movements of ordinary citizens helped shape the changing American health care system.

The National Library of Medicine produced this exhibition and companion website.

South Asians in Silicon Valley Exhibit. Photo of student dancing on stage during commencement.

South Asians in Silicon Valley 

April 1, 2024 - May 31, 2024
5th Floor, AAACNA Studies Center,
SJSU King Library

Program organizers will host an exhibit and symposium showcasing the experiences and contributions of South Asians in the area. Artifacts selected by and collected from community members will demonstrate, teach and highlight their rich legacies. This will be the first ever platform at SJSU to welcome the South Asian community to discuss preservation of their legacies

Ukraine: Children Draw War Not Flowers Exhibit. Illustration of solder walking through field of vegetation.

Ukraine: Children Draw War Not Flowers

May 8, 2024 - June 24, 2024
2nd Floor, DiNapoli Gallery, 
Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. Library

This exhibition features Ukrainian children’s artwork created in the Fall of 2022, when the Russian invasion of Ukraine lasted for over 6 months, and caused thousands of deaths and millions of persons displaced from their homes. 

The artwork depicts experiences of children (ages 4-16 years old) during the military conflict, their fears, hopes, and perceptions of war. 


Musical Instruments of South Asia

Musical Instruments of South Asia

July 2 - August 29, 2024
2nd Floor, DiNapoli Gallery, 
Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. Library

The organizers of South Asians in Silicon Valley will host an exhibit Explore the wide variety of musical instruments of South Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka), through paintings and photographs.Accompanying audio clips will bring the sounds of South Asia come alive.

Find out about the ‘rubab’ from Afghanistan and its probable descendant, the ‘sarod’ of India. Many of these instruments are cultivated by the South Asian diaspora in Silicon Valley. The month-long ‘Musical Instruments of South Asia’ exhibit will culminate with a half-day music program, "Sounds of South Asia," on the second floor of the library where local musicians will demonstrate vocal and instrumental music traditions.  


Endangered Places in an Urban Setting Exhibit; Photograph of neon sign that says "Mel Cotton's OPEN""

Endangered Places in an Urban Setting

September 4 - October 31, 2024
2nd Floor, DiNapoli Gallery, 
Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. Library

Gabriel Ibarra will showcase color and black and white photographs from around the San José area highlighting what they call "endangered buildings and sites" from around the area. The photographs will include various landmarks and signs from across San José that hold historical and architectural significance. 

Gabriel Ibarra is a local photographer who has photographed the Bay Area for over 30 years. 

Begin Again Exhibit. Photograph of abstract painting.

Begin Again

November 5, 2024 - January 5, 2025
2nd Floor, DiNapoli Gallery, 
Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. Library

Everyday, we begin again.  Yet all beginnings are not equal.  We emerge from a pandemic differently than we do from a break up, we step into revelations about the self differently than we step into our cars to go to work each day.  The impact of change varies, but the process is strangely similar—release, anger, grief, discovery, and the awkward joy that’s possible in the new.

Begin Again, is a series of mixed media works that draw from a period in my life that was chock full of change.  In eight years I’ve understood myself as a physical being, left a career that was killing me, started a career that brings me joy, received my autism diagnosis, weathered a pandemic, stepped into my gender expression, and that’s just the ‘big stuff'.  I needed a visual language full of shocking color, movement, and texture to express the immediacy and complexity--both personal and utterly universal--of these times.

As you walk through the DiNapoli Gallery, I hope you’ll engage with your own feelings about change.  Where are you ready to let something go and where are you ready to begin again?


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Questions about the DiNapoli Exhibit Gallery?

Located on the second floor of King Library, the Jennifer and Philip DiNapoli exhibit gallery is a dedicated community space aimed at hosting educational, cultural, and thought-provoking art exhibits year-round for the San José State University and San José community.

Exhibit proposals for the 2025 calendar year (Jan. 2025 - Dec. 2025) are open. 


For information about the DiNapoli Exhibit Gallery (second floor), contact Mariah Ramsour, at

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