Textbooks available as eBooks in the Library

Check back soon for a list of textbooks for the Spring 2019 semester that are available to students for free as library ebooks. For other assigned reading that may be available in the library, check the course reserves catalog by course or professor and OneSearch.

DepartmentCourse # Professor Book Title
AAS20RONDILLA JAmerican history unbound : Asians and Pacific Islanders
AAS33ARONDILLA JTomorrow's memories : a diary, 1924-1928
AMS100WPERREIRA TRadio's America the Great Depression and the rise of modern mass culture
AMS129ORMSBEE JAn indigenous peoples' history of the United States
AMS129GEORGES JThe blue book of grammar and punctuation : an easy-to-use guide with clear rules, real-world examples, and reproducible quizzes
AMS190PERREIRA TThe Great Depression & the New Deal a very short introduction
AMS190ORMSBEE JOpen veins of Latin America five centuries of the pillage of a continent
ANTH11BOUSQUET GFresh fruit, broken bodies migrant farmworkers in the United States
ANTH13ENGLISH-LUECK JInitiating ethnographic research a mixed methods approach
ANTH108FAAS AEssential ethnographic methods a mixed methods approach
ANTH130BOUSQUET GInsufficient funds : the culture of money in low-wage transnational families
ANTH131MENIKETTI MSugar Cane Capitalism and Environmental Transformation An Archaeology of Colonial Nevis, West Indies
ANTH140FAAS AAnthropology in theory : issues in epistemology
ANTH143ENGLISH-LUECK JTransforming Culture Creating and Sustaining a Better Manufacturing Organization
ANTH146MARLOVITS JSexuality a very short introduction
ANTH149MENIKETTI MHuman adaptability an introduction to ecological anthropology
ANTH149CONAND NThe gift of a bride : a tale of anthropology, matrimony, and murder
ANTH165MARLOVITS JThe pastoral clinic addiction and dispossession along the Rio Grande
ANTH193FAAS ADesigning & conducting ethnographic research an introduction
ANTH230SANCHEZ-CHOPITEA VDeath by theory a tale of mystery and archaeological theory
ANTH230FAAS AProducing power : ethnicity, gender, and class in a Caribbean workplace
ANTH231ENGLISH-LUECK JCommunity-based participatory research
ANTH231ANDERSON JAlone together why we expect more from technology and less from each other
ANTH231MARLOVITS JA history of anthropology
ARTH192CRILEY CA history of interior design
ASIA109AHOU XEveryday Things in Premodern Japan - The Hidden Legacy of Material Culture
ASIA110BHOU XDaily life in China on the eve of the Mongol invasion, 1250-1276
BIOL54POFFENROTH MMean Genes From Sex To Money To Food: Taming Our Primal Instincts
BIOL101LOW CIn the light of evolution : essays from the laboratory and field
BME147NADA RNumerical and statistical methods for bioengineering applications in MATLAB
BUS248NANDA VSecurity risk management building an information security risk management program from the ground up
BUS1172DIVANOV STrading and money management in a student-managed portfolio
BUS1173CRODEN LVenture deals : be smarter than your lawyer and venture capitalist
BUS2131DGIGLIERANO JValue proposition design : how to create products and services customers want : get started with;
BUS2133AFADIMAN JDoing Business in India A Guide for Western Managers
BUS2133AFADIMAN JModern-day Vikings : a practical guide to interacting with the Swedes
BUS2133AFADIMAN JPassport South Africa your pocket guide to South African business, customs & etiquette
BUS2133AFADIMAN JPassport India your pocket guide to Indian business, customs & etiquette
BUS2133BFADIMAN JEncountering the Chinese : a modern country, an ancient culture
CA60VERDUCCI -SANDFORD SExplaining creativity the science of human innovation
CE20WONG ATechnical drawing with engineering graphics
CHAD157PIRAZZI LThe executive director's guide to thriving as a nonprofit leader
CHAD260AJABAGCHOURIAN JWriting literature reviews : a guide for students of the social and behavioral sciences
CHAD260AJABAGCHOURIAN JWriting literature reviews : a guide for students of the social and behavioral sciences
CMPE110TARNG CIntroduction to algorithms
CMPE130MAK RWriting compilers and interpreters : a modern software engineering approach using Java
CMPE139VUPPALAPATI CProfessional JavaScript for web developers
CMPE152MAK RDesigning interfaces : patterns for effective interaction design
CMPE202GUZUN GAn Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R
CMPE258FAYAD MSoftware patterns, knowledge maps, and domain analysis
CMPE280GAO ZHands-on machine learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow : concepts, tools, and techniques to build intelligent systems
CMPE280GAO ZTesting and quality assurance for component-based software
CMPE287BINDAL AElectronics for Embedded Systems
CMPE297RAYES AInternet of Things From Hype to Reality The Road to Digitization
COMM179HINERMAN SThe digital disconnect : youth, new media, and the ethics gap
COMM133FVON TILL MForces for good the six practices of high-impact nonprofits
COMM150IHINERMAN SSocial movements and new technology
COMM165PVARONA FOrganizational research methods a guide for students and researchers
DSIT116MULVANEY DElectricity from sunlight : photovoltaic-systems integration and sustainability
ECON166POGODZINSKI JLectures on urban economics
ECON232FOLDVARY FThe Public Financiers Ricardo, George, Clark, Ramsey, Mirrlees, Vickrey, Wicksell, Musgrave, Buchanan, Tiebout, and Stiglitz
ECON241DEYO DLawlessness and economics alternative modes of governance
EDCO286BERTA SWhy race and culture matter in schools : closing the achievement gap in America's classrooms
EDSC182DUCKOR BMastering formative assessment moves : 7 high-leverage practices to advance student learning
EDSC246HOLMBERG CMastering formative assessment moves : 7 high-leverage practices to advance student learning
EDTE224STAFFTheories in educational psychology concise guide to meaning and practice
EE172WRAPPE TEngineering Project Its Nature, Ethics, and Promise
EE295KWOK RMicrowave Engineering.
ENED353JOHNSON JThe understanding by design guide to creating high-quality units
ENGL1ASKINNELL RThe meaningful writing project : learning, teaching, and writing in higher education
ENGL2SOLDOFSKY ASixteen Satires (Penguin Classics)
ENGL60MAIO SMan in a Case (Penguin Classics)
ENGL71MAIO SNose (Penguin Classics)
ENGL123ASOLDOFSKY AIn the Buddha Factory
ENGL140ABABACI-WILHITE ZHuman rights in language and STEM education : science, technology, engineering and mathematics
ENGL176JOHNSON AMansfield Park
ENGL176NAVARRO JLocal actions cultural activism, power, and public life in America
ENGL240SOLDOFSKY AMilk and filth
ENGL240MAIO SChronicle of a Death Foretold
ENGL259STORK NIntroduction to Old English
ENGL259SKINNELL RThe Meaningful Writing Project
ENVS161KLEE GAmerica's public lands : from Yellowstone to Smokey Bear and beyond
FS11BOLTON SForensic Science : an Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques, Fourth Edition.
FS167GARRIDO JFundamentals of forensic DNA typing
GEOG100WCHUA PThe new urban sociology
GEOG161ROHATGI ACrossing borders personal essays
GERO111WOODHEAD EPsychology of aging : a biopsychosocial perspective
GERO114MANNING RBioethics : an anthology
GLST143BAKHRU TThe women, gender and development reader
HIST15PICKERING MCommunist Manifesto (Penguin Classics)
HIST112CHOPRA RA strange likeness becoming red and white in eighteenth-century North America
HIST132VASQUEZ GThe American president : from Teddy Roosevelt to Bill Clinton
HIST155MCBANE MManliness & civilization a cultural history of gender and race in the United States, 1880-1917
HIST170PICKERING MMassacre : the life and death of the Paris Commune
HIST170SROTH JWar before civilization
HIST170SHILL PBecoming Mexican American : Ethnicity, Culture, and Identity in Chicano Los Angeles, 1900-1945
HIST174PICKERING MThe railway journey : the industrialization of time and space in the nineteenth century
HIST174ROTH JSanctioned violence in early China
HIST174ROTH JWorld history of warfare
HIST181MCBANE MUninvited neighbors : African Americans in Silicon Valley, 1769-1990
HIST181CHOPRA RWhite over black : American attitudes toward the Negro, 1550-1812
HIST188CHOPRA RThe elusive West and the contest for empire, 1713-1763
HIST210APICKERING MNature exposed photography as eyewitness in Victorian science
HIST210AHILL PWomen and the everyday city public space in San Francisco, 1890-1915
HIST210ACHOPRA RRevolutionary conceptions : women, fertility, and family limitation in America, 1760-1820
HIST210ACHOPRA RBonds of alliance : indigenous and Atlantic slaveries in New France
HIST210ACHOPRA RThe common cause : creating race and nation in the American Revolution
HIST220HILL PSmack heroin and the American city
HIST220HILL POut of this furnace
HIST220ROTH JA history of the ancient Near East, ca. 3000-323 BC
HIST240KATSEV ATravels of a T-shirt in the global economy : an economist examines the markets, power, and politics of world trade
HIST240CHOPRA RAfrica and Africans in the Making of the Atlantic World, 1400-1800
HIST240CHOPRA RThe scratch of a pen 1763 and the transformation of North America
HIST240PICKERING MModernity and bourgeois life society, politics, and culture in England, France and Germany since 1750
HIST240ROTH JMediterranean anarchy, interstate war, and the rise of Rome
HS261WORTHEN MA dictionary of epidemiology
HS276SEAVEY-HULTQUIST JCommunity organizing and community building for health and welfare
INFO200MULES GExpert Hadoop administration: managing, tuning, and securing Spark, YARN, and HDFS
INFO204BOYD RInformation services today: an introduction
INFO208FRIEDLAND NThe Oxford guide to library research
INFO208STENSTROM CThe Craft of Research
INFO220BODART JIntellectual freedom manual
INFO232KOVACS DThe new instruction librarian : a workbook for trainers and learners
INFO237BODART JThe Readers' Advisory Handbook
INFO244LIU GThe text mining handbook advanced approaches in analyzing unstructured data
INFO246BODART JRadical reads 2 working with the newest edgy titles for teens
INFO246PECK PFrom boardbook to Facebook children's services in an interactive age
INFO246LIU GData mining concepts and techniques
INFO246KEMP JSketching user experiences
INFO246BODART JThey suck, they bite, they eat, they kill the psychological meaning of supernatural monsters in young adult fiction
INFO246BODART JCollection management basics
INFO247LUO LEnhancing library and information research skills : a guide for academic librarians
INFO247BODART JThey hurt, they scar, they shoot, they kill : toxic characters in young adult fiction
INFO250MULES GPython for everybody : exploring data using Python 3
INFO251LIU ZInformation services today : an introduction
INFO260AMULES GThink like a data scientist: tackle the data science process step-by-step
INFO266ZHANG LThe accidental taxonomist
INFO266CHEN HBig data analytics
INFO267MULES GThe Linux command line a complete introduction
INFO267MULES GHow Linux works : what every superuser should know
INFO267BAREFOOT RTransforming our image, building our brand the education advantage
INFO267HARLAN MIntegrating young adult literature through the common core standards
INFO282ZHANG LIntroduction to indexing and abstracting
INFO283BODART JCrash course in collection development
INFO285ALMAN SCrash course in marketing for libraries
INFO285BROWN SRethinking information work : a career guide for librarians and other information professionals
ISE161ROSENBERG DDesigning with the mind in mind : simple guide to understanding user interface design guidelines
ISE220GOEL DError reduction in health care a systems approach to improving patient safety
JOUR136KORANI TThinking with type a critical guide for designers, writers, editors, & students
JPN102ISHIDA MUnderstanding Japanese society
JS136KAMEDA DThe lost boy : a foster child's search for the love of a family
JS202YUAN YUsing SPSS syntax a beginner's guide
KIN68MURPHY DSport and film
LING114STAFFEnglish as a global language
LING122DONLAY CSemantics
LLD261PHILLABAUM SConversation analysis and second language pedagogy a guide for ESLEFL teachers
LLD280MALINOWSKI DBeyond methods macrostrategies for language teaching
LLD280MALINOWSKI DUnderstanding language teaching from method to post-method
MARA284DAULBY LInformation governance : concepts, strategies, and best practices
MARA284OLSON MInformation storage and management storing, managing, and protecting digital information in classic, virtualized, and cloud environments
MAS30CURRY-RODRIGUEZ JGeorge I. Sa?nchez : the long fight for Mexican American integration
MAS105CURRY-RODRIGUEZ JThe terror of the machine : technology, work, gender, and ecology on the U.S.-Mexico border
MAS160CURRY-RODRIGUEZ JCulture and Truth: The Remaking of Social Analysis
MAS210CURRY-RODRIGUEZ JLong stories cut short : fictions from the borderlands
MAS210MORA-TORRES GThe Spanish frontier in North America
MAS210MORA-TORRES GMexico why a few are rich and the people poor
MAS10ABURCIAGA MChicana movidas : new narratives of activism and feminism in the movement era
MATE180CHUNG WMicrofabrication for microfluidics
MATE241ENGLAND CMaterials Characterization Introduction to Microscopic and Spectroscopic Methods
MATH131BBREMER MIntroduction to Linear Regression Analysis
MATH261AFRYER DElementary Analysis The Theory of Calculus
MCOM106MARTINET DPost-truth : how bullshit conquered the world
ME230SHABANY YAdvanced engineering mathematics
ME284DU WResistive, capacitive, inductive, and magnetic sensor technologies
MTM246LITZINGER JEmerging challenges and opportunities of high speed rail development on business and society
MUSC200HARAMAKI GThe Chicago manual of style online.
NUFS115CHOUIntroduction to Food Toxicology
NUFS115CHOUIntroduction to Toxicology and Food by Altug (2002)
NURS251MOORE DFormulating a differential diagnosis for the advanced practice provider
OCTH211SMITH AThe intentional relationship occupational therapy and use of self
OCTH213ANDONIAN LOccupational therapy in the promotion of health and wellness
OCTH234FANG CThe history of occupational therapy : the first century
PHIL9MOU BAn introduction to the philosophy of language
PHIL112VAIDYA APhilosophische Untersuchungen Philosophical investigations
PHIL158WILLIAMSON DThe American evasion of philosophy a genealogy of pragmatism
PHIL160GIDDINGS JAfter the Death of God
PHIL291LINDAHL JTheory and reality an introduction to the philosophy of science
PHYS230PARVIN KMathematical Methods for Physicists: A Comprehensive Guide
POLS3QUILL LSubjection of Women (Penguin Classics)
POLS3OVETZ RThe American anomaly U.S. politics and government in comparative perspective
POLS20PETER KThe Republic
POLS160ABENSON STorture and democracy
POLS160ASCHENDAN AThe Trial and Death of Socrates Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Death Scene from Phaedo
POLS170VPETER KMengzi with selections from traditional commentaries
PSYC170GREGG JDiagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders : DSM-5.
PSYC191VENTURA JThe psychology of diversity beyond prejudice and racism
PSYC191PATEL NOrganizational psychology : a scientist-practitioner approach
PSYC210GREGG JClinical handbook of psychological disorders : a step-by-step treatment manual
PSYC210LUNDQUIST SSight unseen : gender and race through blind eyes
SOCI118COX CThe sociology of globalization
SOCI140DUCROS FSacrificing families : navigating laws, labor, and love across borders
SOCI142MOREWITZ SDeath Threats and Violence New Research and Clinical Perspectives
SOCI154CHUA PFirst contact teaching and learning in introductory sociology
SOCI160ROKNI MHumanity a moral history of the twentieth century
SOCI175ROKNI MAmerica on film : representing race, class, gender, and sexuality at the movies
SOCI200CHUA PResearch methods for community change : a project-based approach
SOCI200DE BOURBON SAll our relations : native struggles for land and life
STAT245SCHUSTER DExplaining Psychological Statistics
TECH190AOBI SDesign thinking : new product development essentials from the PDMA
URBP200FOLDVARY FInvesting in real estate
URBP200KOTT JCities of tomorrow : an intellectual history of urban planning and design since 1880
URBP206KOTT JReadings in planning theory
WOMS10GERAMI SThe sociology of gender : an introduction to theory and research
WOMS102CASTILLO ATangled routes women, work, and globalization on the tomato trail