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ALS to B. Schotts Söhne

Autograph letters signed “Beethoven” to B. Schotts Söhne in Mainz, dated March [ca. 24], 1825. 3 p, quarto, autograph address panel on verso of second leaf, with endorsement in recipient’s hand.
Item Information
Material Type
Letter from Beethoven
Record Number
Catalog Concordance
Anderson L1355; BG 1950
Auction Information
Auction House
Christie's (London)
Lot Number
Bibliographical Reference
BJ auction index 1985-1995
Date of Sale
Ludwig van Beethoven
B. Schotts Söhne
Sold to
Private collector outside U.S.
Pricing Information
Treasures Tracking
Estimate Price
20,000-30,000 GBP
Sale Price
26000 GBP
Sale Price in U.S Currency