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ALS from Beethoven to his brother Johann

Autograph letter signed from Beethoven to his brother Johann van Beethoven, no place or date [Vienna, end of May 1824]. 3 p., small quarto, integral autograph address page, trace of seal, seal tear with consequent loss of paper removing all but the initial letter for the signature, the words “Ludwig van Beethoven” writ
Item Information
Material Type
Letter from Beethoven
Record Number
Catalog Concordance
BG 1844
Auction Information
Auction House
Sotheby's (London)
Lot Number
Bibliographical Reference
BN 5/2BJ auction index 1985-1995
Date of Sale
Ludwig van Beethoven
Johann van Beethoven
Sold to
Institution outside U.S.
Pricing Information
Estimate Price
8,000-10,000 GBP
Sale Price
8500 GBP
Sale Price in U.S Currency