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Lock of Beethoven's hair (Stumpff lock)

Lock of Beethoven's hair with an autograph letter of presentation by J.A. Stumpff to the family of Jane Stirling of Kippenross Castle, inscription dated May 7, 1827
Item Information
Material Type
Record Number
Previous Owners
J.A. Stumpff; Jane Stirling
given to the family of Jane Stirling by J.A. Stumpff in May 1827
Auction Information
Auction House
Sotheby's (London)
Lot Number
Bibliographical Reference
Music and Continental Books and Manuscripts, sale no. L16406 (with photograph); Beethoven Journal va. 31, no. 2 (Winter 2016), p. 90.
Date of Sale
Sold to
American Beethoven Society
Pricing Information
Estimate Price
6000-8000 GBP
Sale Price
11875 GBP
Sale Price in U.S Currency