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Faculty Research


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Attribution & Stylometry
Concordance & Indexing
Copyright, Licensing, & Permissions
Data Publishing
Digital Libraries
Digital Research Infrastructures
Eco-criticism and the Environment
Embodied, Wearable, and Haptic Technologies
Information Retrieval & Querying
Media Archeology
image of a tangram puzzle
Mixed Media Analysis
Mobile Applications
Natural Language Processing
Network Analysis
OCR and Handwriting Analysis
Open Access Methods
Physical Computing
Speech Processing
Systems & Information Architecture
Text Encoding & Markup
Text Mining

For questions about Faculty Research in Digital Humanities, please contact Dr. Katherine D. Harris, Director of Public Programming. For faculty, to add your digitally inflected or technologically-enhanced research or pedagogical project to this page, please fill out this Google form


We are grateful to Reviews in Digital Humanities editors Dr. Jennifer Guiliano and Dr. Roopika Risam for their work in creating an ontology of Digital Humanities projects. Using their generous ontology, we have categorized the vast array of SJSU's faculty research. We are also grateful to Dr. Risam for generously allowing us to borrow her design for this page.