Employment Opportunities

Interested in creating a library that sets a model for the new century? If you are energized by leading edge opportunities, we invite you to review our job openings.

San José State University Positions

For SJSU staff and management positions listings, see the University Human Resources Department.  University Human Resources Department.

For University Library faculty position listings, see the University Office of Faculty Affairs.  University Office of Faculty Affairs.

For University Library Student Assistant Positions, see the SJSU Library Student Assistant Job Listings.  Student Assistant Job Listings

Students: When applying for employment with the King Library as a Student Assistant, only send in your resume and Library Employment Application found on our website (https://library.sjsu.edu/employment/student-assistant-jobs) when there is a job posted. The library will only look at student job applications when they are sent to the correct email address listed on the job application (mentioned on our website).

Once you submit your resume and job application, it is ONLY the responsibility of the hiring supervisor to contact applicants that they feel are qualified. Sometimes this can take a while. If the job is still posted, then a decision has not yet been made to fill that position. If you do not hear from the hiring supervisor, then please check to see if the position has been removed. If the position no longer appears, then the job has been filled.

San José Public Library Staff Positions