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Art of Remembrance VR Experience 2019

VR Papel Picado

Explore the Art of Remembrance Altar Exhibit in virtual reality!

This interactive 3D experience will give you an opportunity to learn the meanings and history of this 3,000 year old ritual. This ritual honors the spirit of the dead by welcoming them and celebrating their legacy.

"Dia de Muertos, Xantolo, Todos Santos, Day of the Dead. These are just some of the names for a festive and personal time celebrated in the beginning of November that honors and remembers ancestors and important people from our past. Offerings are created that include food, drink, photos and items of personal significance that honor the spirits of those who have crossed to the other side . You will experiencing these offerings of love in virtual reality! Awesome! Que disfrutes!" - Elena Robles, artist 

Enter VR Experience

HINT: (Firefox is required) As you explore, use the W,A,S, and D keys to navigate and click on the floating orbs next to each altar to hear the artist's statement. If there are two orbs, the gold orb plays their statement in spanish. 

For questions or to get involved,  please contact Mariah Ramsour at

Carlos Villez Altar
Carlos Villez “The altar that I have created is in honor of both my parents and my wife’s parents. In order to honor and remember them with love since they were the most important persons in our lives. As I researched different ways of creating an altar, I found that in various regions throughout Mexico, it is necessary to place seven steps on the altar. There are specific items that are placed on each step, in order to honor our loved ones return. The belief is that there are seven necessary steps to take in order to reach heaven.”
- Learn more about Carlos' seven steps by entering the VR Experience.
Lissa Jones Altar
Lissa Jones “My ofrenda is both private and public and that is an interesting balance for me as an artist because there are many things that are so spiritually and emotionally touching to me on my ofrenda that privately for myself it is important for me to have on my ofrenda, but not to be explained. So for this purpose of explaining a little deeper about my ofrenda, I am caught at an interesting place.”
- Learn more about Lissa’s balance of private and public elements by entering the VR Experience.
Lincoln High Altar
Camila “I am a student at Abraham Lincoln High School. In the spring of 2018, Donald Trump announced a zero tolerance immigration policy. It was originally drafted to deter immigrants from continuing to come to the United States without the proper documents. This meant that asylum seekers were being denied entrance. Everyone who was found to be undocumented was being deported and parents were being separated from their children.”
- Learn more about Camila’s class altar and their dedication to families who have been separated by entering the VR Experience.  
Elena Robles Altar
Elena Robles "Bienvenido. Entra, por favor. Welcome to my ofrenda dedicated to my parents and various friends and individuals who have passed.  As a photojournalist I was very lucky to be able to travel throughout Mexico and Guatemala during 23 years of study documenting the various ethnic groups and the similarities and differences in the celebration of Day of the Dead. There as been a lot of change over these years. Primarily  the things that are still the same and that are required spiritually to represent the altar are the four elements--air, fire, water and earth.”
- Learn more about Elena’s representation of the four elements by entering the VR Experience.