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To Mint Or Not To Mint: The NFT Question

To Mint Or Not to Mint: The NFT Question

Are you Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) curious? Want to know how artists and entrepreneurs are using NFTs to overturn traditional systems of marketing, sales, and governance of creative works? Want to learn about the potential opportunities and challenges of implementing this new crypto-focused technology?

This event took place virtually on April 28, 2022. We welcome you to watch the series of recorded talks and panel discussions looking at all sides of the blockchain technology.

Intro to NFTs for Beginners

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Opening Keynote

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Panel 1: NFTs and Creators – Opportunity & Obstacle

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Connect with the Panelists

Rhonda Holberton, Artist and Associate Professor of Digital Media

Tony Parisi, Metaverse Pioneer, Former VP Unity Technologies

Christopher Lafayette, Emergent Technologist and Founder of Gatherverse

Ed Mason, Founder & CEO of Curve Reality

Panel 2: NFTs and Entrepreneurs – Adventure & Adversity

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Connect with the Panelists

Ahmed Banafa, Blockchain Author and Professor of Engineering

Tammy Maggs, CoFounder of MetaClub LLC and MetaWomen Show 

Tony Zanders, Founder and CEO of Skilltype

Vasanth Mohan, Developer Community Senior Manager at Uniphore