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Online Exhibits

Art of Protest Collection

The Art of Protest Collection consists of twenty-six digitized silk screen posters prints documenting campus social protest movements in California during the 1960s and 1970s. Mostly the work of… Read More

Civil Rights Exhibit

This exhibit documents the turbulent history of the university during the 60s and 70s. San Jose State College witnessed a rise in political activism and civic awareness among its student body. Making… Read More

Fine Press Books

This exhibit draws upon the Special Collections & Archives department's rich and varied printed book collection and it illustrates the development of printing as a craft. The task of selecting a… Read More

Friedolin Kessler--A View of the California Missions through Art

Artist, Friedolin Kessler (1913-1995) was born in St. Louis, Missouri on July 12, 1913, the only son of Czech and German parents. At age 16 he entered art school at Washington University in St. Louis… Read More

History of Fashion 1400-1920s

This exhibit explores sartorial expression, illustrating the relationship between society and culture to fashion and clothing through the ages. The exhibit begins in the 1400's and ends in the early… Read More

Japanese Art prints

This exhibit represents a small part of our Japanese woodblock print collection. Special Collection holdings of Japanese "Ukiyo-e" (translated as pictures of the floating, or sorrowful, world)… Read More

Japanese Internment

This exhibit draws from two significant collections documenting Japanese Internment during World War II. The collections include the The Flaherty Collection: Japanese Internment Records 1921-1966,… Read More


The History of LGBTQ Communities in San José: Forming Connections, Facing Challenges, and Forging Political Power.

Pop-Up Books

The earliest known examples of moveable books can be attributed to Ramon Llull (c. 1235-1316) of Majorca, a Catalan mystic and poet. He used revolving discs (volvelles) to illustrate his logic. These… Read More

SJSU Athletic

This exhibit provides a brief glimpse into the early years of athletics at SJSU. During the late 19th century participation in physical education and athletics was encouraged and expected. In the… Read More

SJSU Literary Societies

This exhibit, "The Legacy of Literary Arts at SJSU: A Glimpse of Literary Societies and Poets of San Jose State, 1800-1950," explores the development of literary societies on campus at San Jose… Read More

Women's History

This exhibit documents the contributions of women working in a variety of local and national social movements that include suffrage, the Women's Christian Temperance Union, the YWCA, the San Jose… Read More

World War II Revisited

World War II instigated numerous technological changes to the world and to the way nations engaged in warfare. In attempts to adapt to the rapidly changing global climate, mass production of key… Read More

World War Posters

Wartime posters were conceived as a visual call to arms and some poster designs aimed at making the war personal by raising the grim possibility of war extending to one's own backyard. Whether… Read More