The SJSU Library has reopened. Please check our hours page for information on building and service hours.
   NOTE: Floors 6–8 are currently open only for SJSU students, faculty, and staff. See the Library FAQs for more information.

Library's Hours:
Fri 10/22 8am - 6pm

Materials Library

The Materials Library, located in the Lower Level, is a collection of 500 material samples including polymers, metals, glass, and ceramics that library visitors can review, evaluate and experience. The materials are indexed and described in depth in the Material ConneXion database. 

The Materials Library is open from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. The phone number for the Materials Library is (408) 808-2435. Faculty who are interested in bringing their classes to the library should contact their liaison librarian to set up a visit. 


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materials library    materials library    materials library