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Art of Remembrance VR Experience

Papel picado


Explore the Art of Remembrance Altar Exhibit in Virtual Reality!

This interactive 3D experience will give you an opportunity to learn the meanings and history of this 3,000-year-old ritual of welcoming the spirit of the dead and celebrating their legacies. For the first time ever we will be including a Spartan Community Altar. This includes photographs submitted by our Spartan familia in honor of their loved ones. May their legacy and memory live on.

Enter 2020 VR Experience

As you explore, use the W (forward), A (left), S (backward), D (right), Q (up), and E (down) keys to navigate. To rotate your field of vision, click your mouse and drag it around the room. To hear an audio recording of each artist's statement, click on the hummingbird.

HINT: Firefox is recommended. 

For questions or to get involved, please contact Mariah Ramsour at

Past Exhibits

San José Multicultural Artists Guild 23rd Annual Día de los Muertos Virtual Celebration

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VR Experience at a Glance

Here's a sneak peak at the altars depicted in the VR Experience. You can also view these and other altars in this slideshow.

Lissa Jones Carlos Villez Carlos Rodriguez Jessica Torres Arlene Sagun Claudia Lopez
Lissa Jones altar  Carlos Villez altar  Carlos Rodriguez altar  Jessica Torres altar  Arlene Sagun altar  Claudia altar

Mary J. Andrade's Photo Exhibit

14th Annual Art of Remembrance Exhibit