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Library's Hours:
Fri 10/22 8am - 6pm

Ways to Give

Africana, Asian American, Chicano, & Native American Studies Center
Created in 2001, the Africana, Asian American, Chicano, & Native American Studies Center is made up of four collections that support academic programs at San José State University. Each collection is supported by its respective Resource Center Advisory Committee. Located on the fifth floor of… more
Sugiyama, Kaya Memorial Endowment
Shortly before she passed in 2010, Kaya Ruth Sugiyama created this special endowment housed in the AAACNA Studies Center at the King Library to expand the Asian-American Studies Center Collection and the Chicano Studies Center Collection in the areas of music and arts, the internment, oral history… more
Portuguese Heritage Collection Endowment
The endowment honors the Portuguese community in San Jose, which began in the 1850s when Portuguese settlers arrived and built a strong community in the Santa Clara Valley. Established in partnership with the Portuguese American community, the endowment allows the King Library to enhance its… more