Print, Copy, Scan

Printers in King Library

There are Print Release Stations on the Lower LevelGround Floor, and 2nd3rd, 4th, and 5th floors. You can print from any public-access computer, from a USB drive, or from your laptop. 

How to Print

From public computers

  • There are instructions for printing and paying attached to the upper-right corner of all 1st floor public terminal and the Pay-For-Print terminal monitors.
  • Select print, then create a name and password so you can access your print job at a print release station. Note: Both name and password fields are case sensitive. 
  • Go to any print release station. 
  • Swipe your Tower Card or VIP Gold Card through the card reader or add cash if you are using a Cash-Only print release station.
  • Select your print job from the queue (look for the name you entered).
  • Click the print button and type the password you created.

From a USB drive

Insert your USB drive into the print-from-disk station and open your document. Print as described above. You will find print-from-disk stations on the Lower LevelGround Floor2nd Floor and 3rd Floor.

From a laptop

  • Install the Library Wireless Printer software on your laptop:
    Go to and download and install the printer driver that will work with your computer (there are different versions for both PCs and Macs).
  • Select print and choose “Library Queue” as the printer.
  • Follow the instructions for printing above.

Wireless printer drivers are already installed on SCS loaner laptops.

Paying for Printing

Black & white printing costs 20¢ per page and you can use your Tower cardVIP Gold Card, or cash to pay. Sorry, we don't have color printing at this time.

Tower Card (SJSU ID) / VIP Gold Card

To buy a VIP Gold Card, or to add funds to your Gold Card or Tower Card, go to one of the Add Value Centers located on the Lower Level2nd Floor, and 3rd Floor

  • Note: The Add Value Center will only take a $1 bill and will dispense a VIP Gold Card with $1 credit.
  • You can also add money to your card at the On Fourth Café, located at the downtown entrance of the library.
  • San Jose State students can also add money to their Tower or VIP Gold Cards online at


Printing from Microform Machines

  • You may print from the microform (microfilm/microfiche) machines in the King Library Lower Level.
  • Printing from the microform machines costs 25¢ per copy.
  • The printer will copy only what is within the rectangular borders on the reader's page.
  • Microform machines accept coins and bills only.
  • You may store and save scanned microform documents a USB drive using the computer that is connected to the microform reader.


There are copiers on the Lower Level, Ground Floor2nd Floor3rd Floor, and 4th Floor. Copies cost 20¢ a page.


Scanners for public use are located in the Lower Level, on the 2nd Floor, the 3rd Floor, and the 5th Floor. These scanners are used on a first-come, first-served basis.