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Pop-Up Books

The earliest known examples of moveable books can be attributed to Ramon Llull (c. 1235-1316) of Majorca, a Catalan mystic and poet. He used revolving discs (volvelles) to illustrate his logic. These discs divided categories of things, ideas, substances, adjectives, verbs, knowledge and actions into superior and inferior groups. Other types of moveable books, in particular "turn-up" or "lift-the-flap" mechanisms were in use as early as the fourteenth century. Pop-up and movable books are not ordinary books; for more than 100 years their ingenious mechanical devices have surprised and entertained readers of all ages. This exhibit displays a small sample of over 400 Pop-Up books donated by SJSU alumna Jeanne Rose.

California Book
Egypt Exhibit case
Elvis Remembered
Fairy Tales Exhibit Case
Long Nosed Pig
Pat the Beasty
Pop-Up Books of Phobias and Nightmares
The Pop-Up Book of M.C. Escher
The Space Shuttle Action book