The King Library Experiential Virtual Reality (KLEVR) Lab

The KLEVR Lab provides a new form of learning and instruction through the use of AR and VR technologies. Students and faculty can learn in an interactive, experiential environment or develop their own projects.

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zSpace Augmented-Reality Technology

3D model of airplane engine 3D skeleton 

The lab offers a variety of equipment including two zSpace AR learning terminals available to faculty and students to engage in augmented reality simulations for anatomy, mechanical engineering, physics, and more. Leopoly 3D can be used to create 3D printed objects and Unity is available for AR/VR development.  The zSpace AR terminal combines elements of AR and VR on an all-in-one computer in order to create lifelike experiences and deepen understanding.

  • 24" 3D displays. Intel i3-4370 CPU, 8GB RAM, AMD FirePro W5170M GPU.  Webcam and infrared sensors for motion-tracking.


Virtual Reality Technologies

Oculus Rift Playstation VR

The lab also offers two high-end VR gaming computers and a Playstation 4 Slim for use with Virtual Reality games and software.  Oculus Rift Business Edition, HTC Vive Business Edition, and Playstation VR are all available for checkout and use inside the KLEVR Lab.  Steam and Unity are available with pre-installed VR games and software or you can bring your own account and utilize our equipment.

  • VR Gaming Stations have Intel i7-8700k 3.70GHz CPU, NVIDIA GTX 1080 8GB Superclocked GPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, and 128GB PCIe SSD and 1TB SSD
  • Playstation 4 Slim with Playstation VR
  • All three VR systems are plugged into a 55-inch Samsung QLED 4K HDR TV


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