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I do not know where to find a call number in the library

Screenshot of Library of Congress call number


1.  The call number is listed in the item's OneSearch record.

2.  Make sure that the item is available.

3. Write down the floor that the item is on. This is important because the library has books on most of its nine floors. Click on the Locate link to see a detailed map of that floor.

Screenshot of Library of Congress call number

4. Write down the entire call number or take a photo of it. 

5.  You will find the call number ranges on small white cards at the end of each bookshelf.


Using Library of Congress Call Numbers

  • Library of Congress call numbers use an alpha-numeric system.
  • Start with the first letter in the call number. In the example above, that would be Q.
  • Within the Q's, you will find just Q, then QA, QB, QC... and so on.
  • Once you find the QH's, look for 583. This is a whole number.
  • Once you find QH583, keep going until you find 583.2
  • Once you find QH583.2, look for the letter C.
  • Once you find QH583.2.C, look for 45 -- and note that this number is a decimal number, not a whole number.
  • The last number (1998 above) is the year the book was published or the copyright date.


  • If your book is marked as a Folio, it is on the 8th Floor and is in a separate A-Z collection. Books are marked as folios if they are oversized and do not fit on the regular library shelves.
  • If your item’s call number looks like this -- Y 1.2/12:09-9063 -- it is a government document. Staff at the 1st floor desk can help you find these.
  • If you went to the shelf and couldn't find your book, come to the 1st floor desk. We will help you find it.

For more details on using call numbers to find books, watch the short video below: