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I am only supposed to use print or non-Internet sources

You may have an assignment where the professor asks you not to use "online" or "Internet" sources. Print books can be found using OneSearch. For tips on how to find your book on the shelf, see the Call Number guide

If you need articles, however, the library generally has more access to online journal and magazine articles than it does to print versions. Here is a strategy for handling this:

  • First: Check the requirements of the assignment. Does the professor mean that you are not allowed to use any sources from the open web, but you ARE allowed to use online articles from scholarly journals available through the library's online databases?

  • Next: If you've confirmed that you cannot use online library databases to obtain your resources, search to see if we have print versions of the journals you need using OneSearch and selecting "Available in SJSU Library" from the "Availability" drop down menu on the left hand side of the search results screen.

Option to limit search results to just physical items available in the library. To do so click the "Available in SJSU Library" option from under "Availability" in the left hand menu on the OneSearch search results page
  • If we have print access to the title, you'll see a record for it in your search results:

OneSearch print vs. online

  • Click on the print version and note the location and call number of the journal in the record and go to the shelves on that floor to find the journal. If you're having trouble locating the print journal you're looking for on the shelves, Ask a Librarian or watch the short video below.

  • Scan articles using any of the library scanners. After you scan, you can save the file to a thumb drive or email the file to yourself.

If SJSU library doesn't have the items you're looking for, you can borrow them from other libraries. SJSU has two free borrowing services available: InterLibrary Loan and CSU+.

CSU+ borrows from any of the other California State University libraries, and InterLibrary Loan borrows from libraries across the country, and even internationally. Overall, CSU+ will be your fastest option, so it is recommended to start there.

Check out this video for more information on how to use CSU+ and InterLibrary Loan: